If you would like to be considered as an artist for our online exhibition - please fill out this application form.

Together Online Call OutWe do appreciate what it takes to get an exhibition together, so we thank you so much for all of your hard work and preparation that we are sure you are doing.

This exhibition will only be promoted on our social media and be displayed on our website.

This is an opportunity for an artist to promote their artworks to our audience at a low cost.
A percentage of the entry fee is used to promote your arts on our Instagram account.
Entry form Online + Website + EDM - Only 5 entries per artist *
  • 1 Entry - Online + Website - $35.00
  • 2 Entries - Online + Website - $70.00
  • 3 Entries - Online + Website - $105.00
  • 4 Entries - Online + Website - $140.00
  • 5 Entries - Online + Website - $175.00
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