Behind THE frame - What is ACRYLIC?

What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a durable and strong polymer used as plastic in a wide variety of applications. Acrylic sheets are usually used as a substitute for glass due to its flexibility and other properties such as being lighter, easier to repair and more transparent.


Acrylic mounting

Acrylics are super smooth and strong, a fantastic mounting media for photos, especially when applied using good face mount techniques where the photo is mounted underneath acrylic.

Acrylic is ideal for mounting of high gloss or metal prints.

The clarity and sparkle of the acrylic enhance the colours and vibrancy of the photo while also providing protection and rigidity.

The finished product looks fantastic, is very long lasting, has UV protection and is very robust – ideal for your space.


Which one to choose from?

  • Acrylic Float Frames

These are the classic acrylic wall panels – frameless, stylish and offset or floating off the wall. They come ready to hang with a sturdy hidden backing frame. Acrylic Float Frames are a great alternative to framing. They have that classic modern look, with brilliant colours from the acrylic and nice spatial effects from the offset. Edges are diamond polished to a sparkle adding fine detail.

  • Acrylic Art Frames

Acrylic Artframes have the classic block mount look – clean, borderless and frameless and of a substantial thickness of 25mm to provide rigidity and 3D relief from the wall.

They are made of high tech materials and finished with metal trim and a wire hanger, so that product is lightweight, very durable and ready to hang.

Applications of Acrylic Artframes are wide ranging from home and office decorations to photo exhibitions.

  • Acrylic Meranti Frames

Meranti is a light red timber with a beautiful ribbon-like grain. We make them into a frame profile purpose designed for acrylics with a shadow line and substantial sides to nicely accentuate the image. The profile works equally well with small and large works, a great advantage when designing a collection of works. Acrylic Meranti Frames are very strong and can be made into very large works. They can also be shipped successfully with the correct packaging.

Consider Acrylic Meranti Frames if you want a look which is fresh, unique and truly classy.

  • Acrylic Bolted Frames

Acrylics work well with our standoff bolts to create permanent installations for artwork. The metallic bolts are integrated into the artwork creating a modern looking piece which is securely fixed to the wall. 

Acrylic Bolted Frames can be created with bolts through a clear border of acrylic or with bolts in corners of actual art. Both look great, but bolt placement must be carefully considered in the initial design. We normally use thicker acrylics of 8 or 10mm for Acrylic Bolted Frames and supply finished product with a diamond polished edge.

Acrylic Bolted Frames can be supplied as a double acrylic layer such that artwork is sandwiched between the layers.

  • Acrylic Blocks

A freestanding Acrylic Blocks make a great desk and shelf displays.

Made in 20 or 30mm acrylic, the depth of these blocks provides a fantastic 3D look. The edges are diamond polished and hand finished to a fine detail which accentuates the appearance of the product.

Acrylic Blocks are perfect for the home or as gifts.

They also come in 20 or 30mm and have a thin white backing, sealing the back against moisture and damage. The 20mm is suitable for up to A5 size and the 30mm up to A4.

  • Acrylic Stands

Acrylic Stands are made from 10mm acrylic, constructed in 1 piece and hand finished to high detail. They look elegant and much classier than ordinary photo frames. The one-piece construct makes them very robust and long-lasting.

Acrylic Stands are perfect for the home or as gifts. They make great photo pieces from those special occasions such as weddings, babies and family events.

Acrylic Stands can be made in sizes up to A3 and is available with a black or white base.


THE SPACE gallery team is here to assist you, please send us an email if you need more information.


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