THE SPACE gallery offers you a wide selection of INK paintings. Among those find out about different styles: abstract or figurative artworks, landscapes or seascapes.

At THE SPACE gallery, we would like to present two types of ink artworks: traditional ink and alcohol ink.

Traditional ink

Ink is an ancient writing and drawing medium in liquid or paste form, traditionally black or brown in colour – though it can also contain coloured dyes or pigments.

Ink is still most commonly made of carbon and binders, but historically was also made from plant or animal sources such as iron gall and sepia.

Alcohol ink

Alcohol inks are, as the name suggests, an alcohol-based, highly pigmented ink that can be diluted with isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

Read our latest blog post about alcohol ink.

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Blue Ocean


Moon's Love








Alpine II


The Golden Vibe


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