A long way to the top | series


Size: A4
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Two steps towards heaven, one back as the devil drags you down. Walking on the edge of exhaustion climbing towards the sky. The desert heat fills your heart and the wind blows around your head. It’s a long way to the top and look, that’s the point. Pleasure in effort. You’re almost there.

Size available: A4 and A3

Medium: Giclée photographic print

Limited edition: 1/100

About the series

Once upon a time, they found gold in the desert. What started as a tiny town quickly grew into a gleaming kingdom. They built grand houses, drank into the night, partied into the morning and life was good. Then, as so often happens, the gold disappeared. They dug in every imaginable direction but found only sand. So their kingdom crumbled, and the desert prevailed, until all that remained was the remnants of a town once paved with gold now stalked by ghosts, and sand.

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