African Mother


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Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 76 x 91 x 3.5 cm
This artwork portrays a South African lady carrying her baby and the fruit from her harvest. The purpose of this artwork is to provide a more prosperous perspective on Africa compared to the impoverished connotations that it often conveys. The African mother is well dressed and carries herself with a sense of pride for her heritage. This artwork is particularly special to me and holds sentimental value as I was born and raised in South Africa. Growing up, this was an image I would often see- an African mother carrying her baby wrapped to her body, all while balancing baskets on her head. Truly, these women have qualities of strength and endurance, which I wanted to portray in my artwork.

The visual element of texture in art evokes an array of emotions for each individual. With texture, the artwork comes to life through the bold strokes of each colour. The technique of using a palette knife to thickly apply paint is called ‘Impasto’. This technique creates the sense that the paint is coming out of the canvas.


About the artist:
Ashley Bunting is a South-African-born artist who now resides on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. Ashley is committed to creating captivating artworks that are created from her personal interests and influences. Fascinated by the beauty of femininity, her artworks often feature lady-like figures, elegant themes, and soft colour palettes. You would notice that most of her artworks are figurative work and portraits, which stems from her intrigue of capturing candid moments and expressions. Another influence for her artwork has been the beautiful Gold Coast and her love for the ocean, as many of her paintings have relaxed, coastal themes. Her artworks are a celebration of life and people, and the beauty therein.

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