Aloha Origami Shirt


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Aloha Origami Shirt

Size: 230mm x 310mm

Medium: Acrylic on board



Art and Wonder - Internal Landscapes

My work explores ideas of memory and association as prompted by personal objects and domestic spaces. Through the techniques of paint, drawing and collage, I explore the intimacy of my relationship with seemingly generic objects and spaces, which become symbols within an internal landscape.

The exhibition consists predominantly of paintings and collages depicting small origami shirts, originating from one that my son made, which is displayed on our living room wall. Each artwork captures specific moments in time - when the shirt casts an enigmatic shadow against the wall as it is illuminated with warm lamplight. The shirts are depicted floating through space at various angles, with different colours and alternating shadows.

Paint is built up with different types of brushstrokes and blended colours until the pictures become embedded with layers of emotion, memory and associations. The collages also express this through an iterative process of peeling and scraping back layers of paper and adding new layers to shift tone and colour. In doing so, past recollections are revealed and new responses added. 

The small scale of the artworks and dioramic displays of the collages is also important in conveying the intimacy of the subject matter.

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