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The deep to light blue’s portrayed in Amphitrite embodies the zodiac element of water. Those born with a water sign are generally sensitive, sentimental souls, their emotions run deep and ebb and flow just like the ocean. The name of this piece is inspired by Amphitrite, the Goddess of The Sea in Greek Mythology. Amphitrite reflects the depth of the sea, whether they’re calm, serene or treacherous. Water to many people is often very healing, it allows you to feel at peace if you are in a pool of water floating or seeing and hearing the waves crash to shore at the beach. Being by the water whether it’s at the beach, on a river or even taking a bath is a safe haven for me, it’s an escape from reality that allows me to be one with nature.
Medium: Alcohol Ink on Wooden Board

Size: 40cm x 50cm

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