Birds, Boats and Blue Whales


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Birds, Boats and Blue Whales is an original artwork painted in 2019.
The artwork is signed by the artist.

"I'm so excited to show this work! It has had a long and adventurous life in the studio, but finally gets some time in the spotlight. Birds, Boats and Blue Whales, is one of those 'wits end paintings', when you've tried just about everything, but nothing is working and you've completely given up. Suddenly, it all clicks into place and you desperately love it! I get the feeling of Summer days out on the water on Sydney Harbour."

Size: 72 x79cm 4cm deep edges

Box framed in white Ash

Medium: Acrylic, ink and acrylic spray on old masonite board.

Please note: The board has been used as a palette over a few years and has worn corners. That is why I chose to box frame it, to protect it for years to come.

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