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These works were inspired by nature, sunsets, summer fruits and the beautiful landscapes of Australia. These pieces are bright, bold, organic and intuitive. Colour is dominant, layers of hues build a lush and vibrant pallet with hints of texture coming through to draw your eye deeper and create visual interest.

Size: 50x50cm

Medium: Acrylic paint, inks and gouache on canvas


About the artist: 

I am an Abstract Artist, Creative Director, Stylist and Surface Designer. I have been painting for over 15 years, It has always been a huge part of my life. I would describe my work and myself as edgy, introspective, eclectic and cool. I am a maximalist at heart and I love to use colour texture and pattern in my creations. Music and emotion is a big part of my creative process, I like to feel my work and there is always a personal connection to the pieces I create.

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