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This painting has a happy, playful, naive feeling reminiscent of the exuberance and free expression of childhood. While painting it, I had flashbacks of some of the images and feelings of happy and innocent times in childhood - Summer days spent at Luna Park (Sydney), and in particular, Coney Island.

Size: 46x46cm

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas


About the artist: 

After spending six years full time at Art School, after I left school, my creativity has taken various forms - from painting, to playing music, to dance, to illustrating books, and I have learnt that I have to follow where it wants to lead me. After a long break from Visual Arts (persuing vocations in Dance and Psychotherapy) I am now painting again and it's exciting to reconnect with my passion for colour - at present this being expressed through abstract works. I paint intuitively, with no plan, no structure, no outside inspiration; it's an internal process where I allow what wants to emerge to find a way to express itself. Many of my large large expressive abstracts were sold to hotels and offices throughout Australia. My largest painting hangs in the Crown Solicitors Office in Sydney.

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