Giraffe Botswana Train


Size: A4 - 50 Prints Only
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Giraffe Botswana Train
Size: 35x48cm - Framed in white
Edition at THE SPACE gallery is 2/25
Limited edition prints of 50 available in A4 - $80

About the artwork

“The giraffe moved her co-ordinated way, an embodiment of relaxed grace as her hooves met the grassland. Her ears waggled and shivered when the breeze caught them. I could have watched her all day and still I see her in my daydreams”.

Angela Abraham.

These four giraffes were sighted strolling in line just like in the famous Beatles “Abbey Road” album cover photograph showing the four group members walking across the zebra crossing just outside the Abbey Road studio entrance. Their gait unhurried, lumbering slowly one after the other.

Just before sighting these four, I had seen two giraffes fighting. Male giraffes sometimes fight with their necks, called “necking”, usually over female giraffes. The two giraffes stand side by side and swing their head and neck hard against the opposing giraffe sometimes with such a powerful blow that the other giraffe is knocked to the ground.

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