Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink 14ml - Baja Blue


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Baja Blue is a lighter blue compared to Sapphire Blue. We love using them together to create a monochromatic artwork with some contrast. Another colour that need to be in your toolbox.

Jacquard Pinata Colour Ink are beautiful, highly saturated, fast-drying alcohol ink, acid-free, alcohol-based and moisture resistant when dry, Pinata Colour inks work well on practically any clean surface, from glass, metal, plastic, clay, vinyl, polymer, ceramic, YUPO, foil, leather, paper, wood, encaustics and more! All colours are transparent except for the metallic colours and Blanco which are opaque.

These inks are indelible and not affected by water once dry. Pinata alcohol inks are cleaned up with alcohol and re-wet themselves which in turn allows the artist to create unique fluid effects.

Pinata Inks are Dye based and highly transparent. The outstanding adhesive properties of this ink teamed up with the extremely lightfast dyes used in each colour make it the ideal choice for fluid art on non-porous surfaces.

Great for Fluid Art and creating cells and swirling effects.

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