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The small cracks splinter her across the back and up the arms. The individual crack causes no harm but together they are showing the amplitude. Slowly, they have repaired the splinters mended with gold, a few of the old cracks left, the healing process is nearing completion.

Size: A4 or A3
Medium:  Photograph with gold leaf
Kintsugi Ed 1 of 50
About the artist
Kate Lionis is an artist and photographer from Sydney, Australia. Each medium offers different challenges and presently a different a message with each medium. However, this has been and always will be, an evolution and maybe one day the messages converge. Kate enjoys the difference is each medium offers and the challenges they face. The experience Kate gains from each medium helps her gain an understanding of the others. This is a challenge Kate never wants to lose, and a big reason she is drawn to art.

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