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This portrait was inspired by travels through Kenya, Africa. The smiles of the people we met has stayed with me always. Nasarian worked in schools to promote the education of children to keep girls free from childhood marriage. Education is the key.

Artwork Size: 30cm x 30cm
Framed size: 50cm x 50cm
Medium: Oil paint on archival paper

About Jane Kanizay
I have been an artist all my life: I have just intrinsically known that painting, drawing, creating is what I enjoy. It is what makes me happy. Time spent at the easel, though, has come and gone through life. My work here brings together a vision to find my voice in paint, to establish my style. I always love to see the paint on the surface, to feel the texture and depth oil paint creates, to find the colours in my subject, which are often surprising yet they are always there.

Travel inspires my artwork and artworks displayed here were inspired by travels through Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Other trips to villages in Nepal, the Himalayas on the Nepalese-Tibetan border and Rome also provide deep inspiration. 
I’m blessed to have so much travel in my life and to have met such a rich diversity of friends and models.

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