Pacific No. 6

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Pacific No. 6 is one of a series of paintings reflecting the artist's youth growing up in the Pacific. This work reflects the colours of the Pacific Ocean, the variations in tone as tides and currents. The curved dark lines represent the crab claw sail shape of the traditional Lakatoi (sailing canoe) of Papua New Guinea.

Size: 42 x 30cm 
Medium: Acrylic on paper

About Simon Grant

Simon is a Sydney based artist who has a love of the Australian landscape, the sea and sailing, and abstract expression. What started many years ago as doodling with his children’s crayons has turned into an obsessive pursuit.

Simon’s love of painting was initially inspired by the Australian greats; notably Roberts, Streeton, and Fred Williams. 

More recently has been a drive to explore abstract painting; inspiration and influence coming particularly from the abstract expressionists.

Simon is a great admirer of the Korean Dansaekwha movement and is drawn to the Korean aesthetic.

Simon also paints sailing seascapes; a theme borne from a youth spent by the sea.

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