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#CarryOn artwork on paper

Artist statement

Teresa works in a variety of mediums and has been a practising artist since the 90's. Recently she has exhibited in group and individual shows at The Little Bay Gallery, THE SPACE gallery, Piccio's Restaurant art space, Randwick Children's Hospital and the Ashrei Art Prize, where she was a winner in one of the categories. In the works submitted for this exhibition, Teresa has been inspired by nature and the regeneration of plants and flowers; especially after the fires. With each season new forms emerge and this produces the images that evolve in her work.

The works being submitted for the exhibition are both influenced by nature and stylized, botanic forms. They are both watercolour and acrylic on paper. A4 in size. They are full of colour, lyrical line work and full of joyful energy.

Renewal - after the fires, watercolour on watercolour paper.

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