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Size framed with art glass (non reflective UV resistant): 25cm x 25cm

Medium: watercolour, watercolour pencil on paper 

About the artwork:

Nothing gives me more joy than to walk the banks of the Cooks River. Bright, lively and colourful, the landscape, watery reflections and light, all go to inform the mostly abstract painting I have been producing through drawings and observations on my daily river walks especially at this time of year.

This series of work is the result of a continuing interest in, and attempt to convey, my connection with the environment in which I have lived for 20 years - the cooks river catchment. These works in oil & watercolour are an analysis of pattern in the landscape and represent an abstraction of, and the reduction to, the essentials the pictorial elements of this landscape. In some ways this series and my work in general stands in opposition to a modernist clinical reductionist abstraction in that it responds to the subject matter in a visceral highly subjective manner.

About the artist: 

A Sydney based artist, I studied fine arts at St. George Tafe and received a BA in Visual Arts from College of Fine Arts (COFA) Sydney. Drawing inspiration from the Australian landscape my work is influenced by the impressionists and the formal language of modernism and colour theory.

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