Seraphina -Summer Fire


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Seraphina - Summer Fire .... reflects the brunt landscape we live in. Being in rural Queensland our summers are scorching and our environment changes and adapts. Painted in vibrant colours I have no initial thought on the finished art piece the art shows up during the process and along with the name which means 'fiery ones". All my florals have female names and these names present themselves during the process. The artwork is started with nothing more than music and a feeling.

Size: 45.72 cms x 45.72 cms x 3.5 cms (18" x 18")

Medium: Acrylic


About the artist: 

I am an emerging contemporary artist whose art studies the cycle of change within our environment and life. For me, art-making and the creativity with it are about change. Change is important. Changing how we see something - changing our understanding of how our lives weave together.

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