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After a few weeks of retrograde, where can we go from here? Somewhere I can rest is about all the changes we have been dealing with for the past two years. Somewhere I can rest is about finding where to go to recharge and finding the right place - for the artist it is in her daily painting routine - to let go and rejuvenate.

Medium: Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper

Size: A3 Unframed - Original artwork

Year: 2022


About the artist

Pascale is a self-taught artist who shares her love of colours and expresses her emotions with colours, brush marks and shapes.
Pascale is from Noumea, New Caledonia and she has called Australia home for more than a decade.

She is passionate about creating different layers of colours to embrace an internal conversation. She explores how shape and colour can evoke a memory of place and time.

Working intuitively and playing with colours and textures to create a new language are her favourite moments.

Her art is subjective and invites her audience to connect with their own story, to speak to their soul.

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