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‘Spinning around’ is a playful work featuring bold strokes and bright splashes of yellow, pink, purple and blue. It is highly expressive and invokes feelings of joy and summertime fun. The artwork is complemented by a custom pale blue/green frame. 

‘Let’s groove’, ‘Spinning around’ and ‘Summer feeling’ are all part of my current COLOURBOMB collection. The works in this series feature bold strokes, movement, and layers of translucent paint. They are colourful and highly expressive and invoke feelings of playfulness and joy - feelings which I associate with summer in Australia.

Size: 20x25cm

Framed: 23x28cm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

About the artist: 

Lauren is a self-taught, emerging visual artist from Sydney, Australia. She enjoys creating artworks that are fun, expressive and carefree. Her works are often multi-layered and textural and explore movement, contrast, colour and pattern. Lauren has a passion for all things creative, but her real obsession is abstract painting. She primarily works with acrylic paints, drawing inspiration from the diverse Australian landscape.

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