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Size Framed: 38 x 38cm

Size Unframed: 19 x 19cm

Medium: Photography 

About the Artist:

Rick is an ex-Australian Army Officer with a passion for adventure travel and photography.

After leaving the Australian Defence Force Rick started his own business SAFAR, “Journey” conducting Leadership and Teamwork Development programs and workshops internationally. This led to setting up and leading facilitated experiential journeys to Antarctica, the Arctic, Africa, the Amazon and throughout South East Asia.

An Art Student before joining the Army Rick has come full circle combining his passion for adventure travel, personal development, exploration and photography.

Rick’s journeys on the pathways, rivers and seas less travelled have afforded many opportunities to see and photograph the rare and unusual. From polar bears hunting and orcas frolicking in the Arctic to lions hunting in Africa, colourful flowers and scenes from across South East Asia, to penguins marching in Antarctica.

Through the auspices of his company SAFAR, Rick leads small groups on adventure travel journeys exploring leadership and teamwork and the world at large - “journeys for the journeys within” and of course the opportunity to capture this special world in a photograph.

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