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Watercolour Art #10 is all about the exotic plants. "It's a Plant Party!"

This artwork was inspired from a workshop with kids on how to paint cactus. When kids are painting, they don't care about the true colours, they want to paint their colours. This artwork is celebrating the freedom of expression that we have in all of us.

This artwork is about plants soaking the sun on the balcony.

Watercolour art is about the practice the artist is stepping in while creating.

An every day practice, a weekly practice but no matter how often the artist is picking up the brushes, the colours, the papers, there is an introspection time right before the artwork can be produced. Not everything is going to be shared, but every piece of artwork is going to be felted.

Size: A4 - 29,7 x 21 cm

Medium: Watercolour on watercolour paper

Frame: Unframed

Year: 2013

About the artist: 

For Pascale, art is more than colours, shapes and forms, it is about the connection between the unseen and what you feel.

Creating art is like breathing. It is her meditation, her way of connecting with her soul and spirit.

We bring art into our space because it not only brings colour, but also depth of emotion. Each of her unique creations reflect the energy, joy and mindfulness that she brings to her work.

Pascale is a talented artist that works in multiple mediums from watercolours, gouache, acrylic paint, crayon, oil pastels and alcohol ink.

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